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Pride & Self-Esteem

Pride and Self-Esteem is the level of self-confidence and value an individual holds for themselves and their capabilities.

In Building a Culture of Hope, the Seed of Pride is described in Chapter 6. 
Pride is the way to combat Learned Helplessness and Hopelessness.
Pride is the antidote to learned helplessness.
Pride mitigates an external locus of control, and gives individuals power. 

Observations in high-performing, high-poverty schools reveal eight basic strategies for increasing Pride in students and staff:
  1. High expectations for all learners.
  2. Positive reinforcement.
  3. Personal connections with at least one adult.
  4. Assumptions of real responsibilities.
  5. Engaging in Service Learning.
  6. Self-monitoring learning.
  7. Achieving academic success.
  8. Participating in student-led conferences.

Resources from book, via Solution Tree, are listed below as PDFs. 
Discussion Topics for book study. 
Staff/Team Questionnaire sample.
Student Questionnaire sample.