Culture of Hope Research

This page summarizes the research that supports and is supported by a Culture of Hope.
Gallup Student Poll  The Gallup Student Poll is a 20-question survey that measures the hope, engagement and well-being of students in grades 5-12.  There are also polls of staff, school leaders, and community. treasure trove of data, reports, and articles on schools, engagement, hope, purpose and more.  

Hope Survey   The Hope Survey for Students consists of a series of online surveys which ask students their perceptions of autonomy, belongingness, goal orientation, academic press, engagement and hope. Hope is measured with the hope index.

Percent of 18-24 year olds who are high school dropout lowest on record, with 14% of Hispanics, 8% of Blacks, 5% of non-Hispanic Whites, and 4% of Asians.