Video Presentations

We are actively promoting the concepts of a Culture of Hope.   Here is a list of where we've been.  For our most recent presentations, you'll find links to PowerPoint slide shows and handouts from presentations.  Please share these materials as you share the Culture of Hope with fellow educators and administrators.

February, 2015  Presentation on Culture of Hope at the National Title I Conference in Salt Lake City, UT.  Dropbox link to Powerpoint presentation:

January, 2015 Presentation on Culture of Hope with the Nevada Superintendents' Academy in Sparks, Nevada.  Dropbox link to Powerpoint presentation:
Nevada Superintendents' Academy PPT

November, 2014: All-day session with teachers, counselors, and administrators from 
the Southeast/South-Central Ed Cooperativein Corbin, Kentucky.  Dropbox Link for Powerpoint presentation from SESC Session, Nov. 5, 2014:  SESC Powerpoint

October,  2014: Keynote and Panel Moderator at the Northwest Innovative Schools Network Conference in Oregon.

June, 2014:  All-day session with
South-Western City Schools' Secondary Leadership Teams in Columbus, Ohio.

May, 2014: Keynote and Breakout Session for Manatee Schools' Title I Conference in Manatee, FL.

March, 2014:  Breakout Session at the  National Youth At-Risk Conference in Savannah, GA.

February, 2014: Breakout Session at the Annual At-Risk Youth National Forum in Myrtle Beach, SC.

November 2013:  Breakout Session at the National Drop-Out Prevention Conference in Atlanta, GA.

August, 2013: Keynote to entire staff of the Berkeley County School District in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

August, 2013: All-day workshop for the staff of Morningside Elementary School, Mobile, Alabama.

August, 2013: Keynote to school district staff and workshop for K-12 staff at the Hamilton County School District, Hamilton County, Florida.

August, 2013: All-day workshop for High School and Alternative High School Staff in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

May, 2013: Keynote and Breakout Sessions at the Florida Association of State and Federal Educational Program Administrators, State Conference, Tampa, Florida.