Further Reading

This page is a collection of articles, books, presentations, and videos for those wanting to learn more about a Culture of Hope.  
Recommended Books:

Teaching with Poverty in Mind.  Eric Jensen, 2009.  ASCD.

Recommended Articles, Reports, Online Sites:

National Dropout Prevention Center  Tremendous resource and force.  New report, Trauma Skilled Schools.

National Youth at Risk Journal   An open-access, peer-reviewed online journal that publishes educational articles on how to reduce harmful risk conditions and promote the well-being of all youth, especially vulnerable youth in schools, families, and communities.    The National Youth at Risk Conference each spring in Savannah GA offers sessions in the 5H Strands:  The 5Hs—Head, Heart, Hands, Health, & Home—are protective factors promoting the holistic well-being of all children and youth, especially those placed at risk by poverty and other adverse conditions.

Souls of Poor Folk  The Souls of Poor Folk is an assessment of the conditions and trends of poverty today and of the past fifty years in the United States. For anyone wanting to get a clear analysis of the reality of poverty, and the conditions that continue to trap so many in poverty in this nation.  

ASCD Report on Poverty   This report summarizes the issues, discussions, and findings from the association's spring 2015 Whole Child Symposium. Access document here, complete with links to videos.  

Ending Child Poverty Now    Report from the Children's Defense fund, outlines a 9-point strategy for ending child poverty. Plan has just been introduced to California's new governor (December, 2018). Access full pdf here.

ASCD Poverty Resource Hub   All of ASCD's resources related to poverty, in one place.

Recommended Videos:
The Impact of Poverty on Education   The Source 2017 Issue from Advac-ed.org