This website is a launch pad and meeting place for those seeking to improve the cultures of schools and classrooms by implementing a "Culture of Hope" introduced in the book, Building a Culture of Hope by Robert Barr and Emily Gibson, published in 2013 by Solution Tree Press.

Welcome to the Culture of Hope community.   We are delighted you found your way here, and we hope you'll discover many resources and ideas to further the good work you are doing in schools. We also hope you will share your own wealth of knowledge and experience, as we will all benefit.  Most importantly, we hope you'll find this to be an optimistic place where you can contribute to growing hope for students and educators in schools.
When we finished the book, Building a Culture of Hope, and held the first copies in our hands in May, 2013, we knew we were holding something that had the potential to truly make a difference.  We just had no idea how positively people would respond. It has all been so wonderfully encouraging and motivating to hear the stories of how these seeds of hope are germinating. 

Our great passion is supporting teachers and administrators who are in the trenches, moving forward every day.  Where can you find us, when we aren't on the road talking about Hope?  You'll find us, sleeves rolled up and a pencil tucked behind an ear, kneeling down to work alongside a student.  Or you'll find us pulling up a chair to confer with a teacher or parent.  You'll find us engaged in deep dialogue with an administrator or school board member. 

We have a great store of knowledge and ability, of real-world experience in schools, of expertise in leadership and classroom instruction and curriculum, and of school culture transformation.    We are available for on-going and one-time professional development, coaching, and consultation.  Please let us know how we can support you in your tremendously important work of teaching and learning and providing students with a pathway out of poverty...a Culture of Hope. 

Dr. Robert Barr and Dr. Emily Gibson

Emily and Bob at the National Youth At-Risk Conference in Savannah, Ga, 2014

2014 Finalist:
Revere Awards Distinguished Achievement  in Professional Development!!

2015 Learning Magazine's Teachers' Choice Award for Professional Development!!